Famous artist Christo, who is known for his monumental ephemeral works, announced on his website that he was walking away from his Over the River project, a monumental 9.5-km-long canopy to be suspended over the Arkansas River.

“I no longer wish to wait on the outcome”, he said. The artist was waiting for a federal appeals court to decide if he could install his work over the river. He had been working on it for over 20 years. For several years now, Over the River has struck a number of hurdles, primarily from a group of Colorado residents who were concerned about the impact on the local fauna.

When interviewed by the New York Times, the artist did not want to elaborate on his reasons for abandoning the project, saying simply that he did not agree with the “new landlord”. “Like many others, I never believed that Trump would be elected”, he said, arguing that his act spoke for itself.

The art world was quick to react to the announcement. Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones immediately explained that, in his opinion, Christo’s gesture would not harm Trump. “The loss of works like Christo’s will, however, rob those who need its power – from younger people who can be inspired by art to Trump dissidents who might be nourished by it”, he said.

On his website, Christo explained that he would rather concentrate on the 150-metre-high work conceived over 40 years ago, with his wife Jeanne-Claude, who passed away in 2009. Unlike the majority of his works, the Mastaba composed of barrels of petrol in Abu Dhabi will be permanent.

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